Organic Christmas Trees

January 29, 2017 no comments

For that special time of the year you want the best, you do not want trees that are farmed in ways that harm the environment and create an inferior product. We are the number curator for Christmas tree farms in Michigan and have a long standing reputation for quality. We have been supplying and overseeing Christmas tree farms for a long time and know exactly what it takes to run a successful Christmas tree farm. No matter where you are in the state, there is a location that we support near you.

In today’s world there is such an emphasis on technology that sometimes it is good to get back to the basics and enjoy a tree that is grown organically and is designed to be beautiful. All of our trees are grown with environmentally friendly practices and do not use any pesticides to keep the insects away. If there is one thing that we know about what we do, it is that people appreciate what we do and we are happy to serve the Michigan community.

We love this state

Michigan is a beautiful state with natural splendor that we enjoy harnessing. In addition to our organic tree farms we have a ton of local orchards that are used to make some of the best beverages in the state. We are a local company and everything that we do, every penny we make goes back into the state, a state that is on the cutting edge of green technology and a state that we are happy to call home.

Michigan native need look no further than a company that is dedicated to making the state the best that it can be. By supporting the Midwest values of the state and growing trees that are beautiful and that can be enjoyed at that wonderful time of the year.